Muck chuck! 21st February

Amotherby Young Farmers are holding their annual  “muck chuck” this Saturday, 21st February .

Starting from Hovingham Village Hall at 9:30am they will travel along and visit villages on the B1257, finishing in the Malton/Norton areas.

£5 will buy you a wheelbarrow full of well rotted manure.

Please contact Georgina on 07590717304 or Ben on 07800893477 for any further information or to arrange delivery .

Fracking – Ryedale votes 17 Feb


Tuesday 17 February 6.30pm, Milton Rooms Malton

On Tuesday 17th February, at the Milton Rooms in Malton at 6.30 pm, there is to be an Extraordinary Council Meeting to discuss fracking and to vote on a motion to declare Ryedale District Council frack free. This meeting is open to the public.
The Slingsby Website understands that Frack Free Ryedale’s 1,000-signature petition will be handed in and petition organiser David Davis will have three minutes to speak about why the organisation wants the council to become frack free. Then there will be a report on the public debate held on 4th February. The Council debate on the vote and the vote itself will then follow.

The issue of fracking in Ryedale has raised a great deal of public concern. Already, Malton , Norton and Kirbymoorside have voted to be frack-free. This is your opportunity to see and be part of local democracy in action.

Malton Post Office temporary closure

Post Office logo

Malton Post Office is to close for two weeks for a major revamp.

The branch will be shut from 5.30pm on Tuesday 17 February to 1pm on Tuesday 3 March.
Post office services will be available during the closure from the branch in Beverley Road, Norton.
Slingsby residents will be able to use the mobile post office as normal (weekdays, excluding Tuesdays). The regular timetable can be viewed on the village website HERE.

The Gazette and Herald has more on the modernisation of the Malton branch here:

Parish Council – 9th February

Monday 9th February at 7pm -meeting of Slingsby, South Holme and Fryton Parish Council at Slingsby Village Hall. The agenda is:-

Business to be transacted

1. Apologies for Absence.

2. Items raised by members of the public.

3. Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items.

4. Minutes of Meeting held on 17th November 2014.

5. Exchange of information and items for the next agenda.

6. Planning.

· (To consider and make comments on planning applications received.)
·  Procedural Document for Reviewing Applications.

7.  Village Items.
·       Street Lights (also to consider request from resident for a  light on The Lawns + light opposite No. 4 Green Crescent).
·       Phone Box.
·       Defibrillator Fundraising.
·       Highways Issues.
·       Seats.
·       Footpath Outside School.
·       Parish Plan (Fracking).

8.  Reports (For information only)

Chairs Report.

Clerks Report.

9.            Finance.

10.  Agree date of next Parish Council Meeting.

Members of the public and press are invited to attend.

Date of next meeting: 16th March 2015.

NYP Community Messaging – You have won the Lottery – Or have you?

northyorkshire police

An important message sent by Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and internet crime 
A lottery scam takes place when criminals pretend that you have won a prize, often a lottery. The people most likely to fall victim to this tend to be over the age of 60 (although younger people do fall victim too) – but we know that it is often close family members of victims who spot the tell-tale signs of the fraud.

Criminals will normally get in touch by letter or email and will try to engage you into dialogue with them. Once they have convinced you that they are “genuine”, they will ask for a fee to be paid to release your winnings. This fee could be to pay taxes or duty, or for a solicitor, banker or judge to authorise the transaction. NO GENUINE LOTTERY WILL EVER ASK FOR ANY SORT OF FEE TO BE PAID.

Often this first fee will be small, but once they know you are willing to pay it they will ask for more and more money, with ever-changing excuses as to why they need it. Victims can end up losing tens of thousands of pounds over the course of months or even years.

Many of you reading will be surprised that this type of crime takes place. After all, why would anyone fall prey to scam like this when they never entered any such lottery in the first place? Why would they have to pay money when they are supposed to have won millions of pounds? The sad truth is that these criminals are incredibly persuasive and prey on people who are very trusting. Therefore, even if you know that you would not get defrauded like this, please spread this message widely to friends, family and to people within your community.


  • If you have not entered a lottery or a prize draw, you have not won it.
  • Delete any emails which detail you winning money or being in a position to make a fortune
  • Spread the message amongst people you come into contact with, especially older people in your family, and look out for any unusual behaviour, for instance someone paying money via money service bureaux, like Western Union or MoneyGram, or buying Ukash vouchers.

NYP Community Messaging – Victims of crime sought for Independent Justice Panel

northyorkshire police

[Victims of crime sought for Independent Justice Panel]

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner and Jonathan Mortimer, the independent Chairman of the Out of Court Disposal Scrutiny Panel, are today asking for victims of crime to come forward to help scrutinise the use of police cautions and other non-court penalties.

The Panel was set up last year in response to public concern about the use of Out of Court Disposals in North Yorkshire. The Panel has identified that its objectives are to ensure that such penalties are used appropriately, consistently across the county and to make recommendations to North Yorkshire Police.

The Panel already has an independent chairman, as well as representatives from various criminal justice partners such as Magistrates, but members of the public are now being encouraged to sit on the Panel.

Jonathan Mortimer, independent Chairman of the Out of Court Disposal Panel said: “Victim representation is vital since we must engender victim trust and satisfaction in the varying methods of criminal justice disposal and give victims a voice”.

Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan said: “I want victims’ needs to be at the heard of everything we do. Having members of the public and victims of crime on the Panel will also increase transparency and understanding. I would ask members of the public who are interested in holding the police to account and have the relevant experience, to send us an email and apply.”

If you would like to put your name forward please email with your experience and why you think you are the right person to sit on the Panel. You will need to have experience of being the victim of crime where an Out of Court Disposal has been used or considered. Further, to have an interest in the criminal justice system and an understanding of the effect of crime on victims would be an advantage. The post will be voluntary but all expenses will be reimbursed.

You can also put your name forward:

Online at:

Write to:

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

12 Granby Road


North Yorkshire


Telephone: 01423 569 562