Spring Photography 6

On a warm spring day, beautiful blossom in the village (The Lawns).

How do trees feel in Spring?


Joke? courtesy of Amazon’s Alexa.

The Grapes Slingsby.

Once again, the silver lining in the cloud, another takeaway menu from the Grapes, something to look forward to this week. Download the new menu below

Please bring your own bag or box. All food must be pre-ordered so please ring the pub 01653 628076 to place your order and receive your allocated collection time. Sunday Lunch bookings need to be pre-ordered by 5pm on Friday.


Photograph courtesy of David Critchley.

Walks from Slingsby Pt 2

Photograph by David Critchley

Three more local walks to keep you occupied during this difficult period.
‘They are reproduced in pdf form for you to download. I have not yet had time to walk them all again so there may be the odd gate or stile that has been added or removed, but the rights of way remain the same.
If you do find any route that has been amended, I would appreciate your feedback on [email protected]
Please remember to practice your social distancing when walking and stay safe.
I hope you enjoy your walks.’
Geoff Brooks

These 3 walks can be downloaded here, we will post more in the next few days.

Spring Photography 5 (with a difference)

Why is four o’clock in the morning like a pig’s tail?

…because it’s twirly.

Photographs courtesy of David Critchley.

(Sorry for the joke, courtesy of Amazon’s Alexa.)