18 April – Queen’s Diamond Jubilee planning meeting

In the Village Hall at 7 pm.

Contact: Janet Clarke
Tel.: 01653 628625
E-mail: [email protected]

  3 comments for “18 April – Queen’s Diamond Jubilee planning meeting

  1. Hi Don,
    I have received the following answer to your question about participating in the celebrations on June 3rd

    ‘The Committee met last night and this question was discussed. It was decided that the Jubilee Celebrations were for residents of the Parish. However it was agreed that visitors at the caravan site/holiday lets could bring their own picnic and drink and join in with the celebrations such as the sports activities etc.’

  2. Hi There, I’m interested to know if the celebration’s in the village for the Queen’s Diamond Juubilee are for residents of Slingsby only. I’m a caravan owner at the Robin Hood site and will be,along with a lot of other folk be spending that weekend in Slingsby.

    • Hi Don,

      A decision hasn’t been made yet. A meeting takes place on the 18th to decide. I’ll let you know when a decision has been reached.


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