Guided tour of Slingsby Church 6th May 2017

Dav and Evan examine the time capsule finds

Saturday 6th May at 10.30. Guided tour of All Saints’ Church Slingsby by Dav Smith and Chris Churches, . Admission free, donations asked for coffee. Come and learn things you never knew about our Church!

Dav Smith is a buildings archaeologist from the University of York, and wrote his doctoral thesis on the Victorian rebuilding of the churches along “The Street” . He will talk about the reasons for, and the extent of, the rebuilding of our Church. We shall learn what he discovered during his research, and how much of the earlier church still exists.
Chris Churches is a historian, and will talk about the “Wyville Knight” and what can be understood from the mediaeval effigy of him in the Church.
This event is organised by Slingsby Local History Group.


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