Local History Group Meeting

Tuesday 26 November 2013, 7.30pm, Slingsby Village Hall

The first meeting of the Group in its new slot (4th Tuesday of the month).

Looking at final drafts for Shops and Businesses book and looking forward to the 2014 event for which those of us who visited Eden Camp in the summer also have various ideas which we hope might be taken further.

The latest from Margaret and Kate is below:


Alterations to meeting dates:

After discussion among the regular membership, it has been agreed to move the regular monthly meetings to the fourth Tuesday of each month. This avoids clashing with the Pub Quiz evening and Yorkshire Countrywomen’s meetings. Our meetings will take place as normal in the Village hall unless otherwise advertised, and will normally take place each month except for August. There may be some months when this will not work, so other dates will be agreed on and advertised.  We shall normally post details of meetings in the Village Website and if deadlines allow, in The Triangle. If you would like to receive a reminder advance notice of meetings by e-mail please send your name and e-mail address to Margaret Mackinder. ([email protected])

Meetings normally take place in the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. All welcome. Entrance £1.00 to cover hall hire, £2.50 when there is an arranged speaker 

2014 Local History Day in Slingsby: The date arranged for our 2014 weekend event is Saturday 26th April.  The topic for this is Slingsby at War. It will cover both first and Second world wars and will also cover wartime preparations at earlier times in history. As last year we are hoping our regular members will participate in preparing some of the exhibits and information.  Slingsby was a military training centre and there were munitions storage areas around the area. Those who were teenagers remember the atmosphere and life in the village then. Some may also remember their parents talking about what life was like in the first world war when Slingsby lost many of its young men of combat age. We hope to cover all aspects of life including what happened on farms, food, music, entertainment etc. If you would like to help researching all this or you think you have information which would interest the group, please come along to our next two meetings. Our aim is to collect  and capture information for future generations before it is forgotten.

19th and 20th Century Businesses in Slingsby.

Following our Saturday event earlier this year, on Shops and Businesses  in Slingsby earlier this year, David Thornley has been expanding and editing all the various contributions to form a book which will be available in 2014.  He now has it in draft for members to look at the next Local history meeting to look at and agree the final text.

Future meetings

December local history meeting date to be agreed at November meeting, as the fourth Tuesday is Christmas Eve. Social evening, coffee  / mince pies etc with some updates on research from members.

Meetings for early  2014:

Tuesday 28th January 2014, Tuesday 25th February, Tuesday 25th March,

Saturday 26th April. Local History Day. Speakers and dates will be confirmed but the following are being planned:

  • A talk on small firearms use and training in The Street Villages in the English Civil War, the Napoleonic War, the Rifle Volunteers of 1859 / 1860,  and World War II.   
  • A talk on medieval castles which will give us background information to imagine what the original Slingsby castle might have been like.
  • A return visit from Steve Moorhouse to look at the Historic Landscape features of Slingsby. He agreed to come back to do a walk over of the area to the north of the castle will try and identify earlier features which have long disappeared.  This event will take place in daylight hours on a Saturday morning  early in spring, when the topography is clearly visible while the trees are bare. It is also hoped to combine it with a trip to the Sheep Walk , after lunch at the pub to identify the entrenchment which was created some time in the later iron age and is usually most clearly visible in winter early spring.
  • A visit to Castle Howard to have a guided view of the exhibition about  wartime life on the Estate.

If you have any ideas or request for topic for future meeting please let us know either by e-mail ( [email protected]) phone 01653 628303 or via the village website

Kate Giles and Margaret Mackinder



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