Property marking session on 14th October 2017

PCSO Andy Birkinshaw from the police Rural Taskforce will be at Slingsby Village Hall on Saturday 14th October 2017 between 10am and 2pm to dot peen mark any larger items such as saddles, garden tools, work tools, farm tools and cycles. This is a free service.

This is from the NYP website:-

“Dot peen marking involves using a tungsten carbide-tipped pin to indent an object with dots to create a visible, permanent unique number. The unique number will be entered onto the national Immobilise property register database, vastly increasing the chances that it will be reunited with its owner if it is lost or stolen.

“Dot peen machines can mark at a speed of two characters per second, to an accuracy of 0.006mm, and can be used on everything from steel and aluminium to plastic. It can therefore be used in farms, on garage and garden tools, power tools, computers and electrical devices, mobile phones and tablets, equestrian tack, golf clubs, musical instrument cases, cycles – and much more besides!”

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