Slingsby church tower – stonemason visit


Short talk about the restoration works and visit to the stonemason’s workshop

3 p.m. Thursday 22nd March 2012.

This has been arranged for those who would like to see what is happening on the tower at present and to look at the new carved parapet stones and blind arcading before they are put in position on the tower.

Matthius Garn, the master stone mason has kindly  agreed to give a short explanation of the works followed by a trip to the masons workshop at Skirpenbeck where the missing pinnacle to the tower is still being worked on. This is approximately 25/30 minutes easy drive from Slingsby.

There are a number of people going who are taking cars so please turn up to the talk even if you have no transport, and lifts can be arranged on the day.

Further information from Margaret Mackinder 01653 628303 or  [email protected]