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This page has been set up to help the Group share information when planning and conducting research.



For Saturday 22nd March 2017 for mini-open day.  Please bring your completed cards to the Village Hall between 9.30 and 10 am on the day.  Or leave them with me or Carol and David Thornley in advance if you are unable to come on the day.

Objective – to present the flavour of Ursula’s Ledger, and to paint a picture of her and Lionel.  In other words to give her ‘take’ on events she wrote about, and to transcribe some parts of her ledger to present as a mini exhibition.  It is not a research project about the general history of the village, so please only use the ledger for your information, unless it is to add other background detail about Ursula or Lionel, which explains what you are presenting.  (No Wikipedia this time!)

Please do up to 4 x A4 pages in 18pt text (so it can be read easily) to be mounted on a coloured card.

Your 4 pages can consist of copies of her original written text, your transcriptions, (essential, as her writing is very spidery) and illustrations, news cuttings copied from the ledger. If you don’t have a colour printer and need colour copies, please let me know and I will copy them, but please let me have the page reference and describe which you want. If there is relevant material, do please also to make use of the Slingsby photo collection CD.

The idea is to mount the pages on a standard coloured card, which I will provide. The idea is to produce another exhibition set of information, which always looks more professional if we all use the same mounts, and is also easier to store. I will bring the card to the Mel Giles Lecture on 21st February, which I hope all will attend. It you can’t be there please email me about collecting a card. If you get carried away and want to tackle another topic and need more boards, please feel free but let me know what topic you are doing so it does not get duplicated, and I can buy extra boards as necessary.

 Subjects claimed to date:

Ghosts and Myths – Carolyn Boots

Slingsby characters – Carol Thornley

Coronation Tea – Maurag Carmichael

Maypole – Nick Witt

Rectors and Vicars – Tamsin Smurthwaite

Slingsby Castle – Stewart Burdon

Wills and Records – Chris Churches

Ursula’s Nursing Career – Kate Giles

Lionel Lascelles – David Thornley

Methodist and Quaker history – Stephen or Rachel Prest

General introduction about Ursula – Margaret Mackinder

Other topics free at the moment could be:

Clubs and societies they joined or ran.

Interesting patients at Swinton Grange Army Hospital

Ursula’s and Lionel’s artwork / drawings.

Dorothea Forsyth Connection.

Interesting characters described in the Ledger

Information about the house: Slingsby Heights

Tea at Miss Lascelles house.

Or anything else that takes your fancy – but please email me to let me know you are doing it.




Popular recipes.  Old recipes – mother or grandmothers’ cookery books

Feeding large gatherings

Sunday school outings – picnics

Old People’s party

Slingsby Feast

Other high days and holidays

‘Lowances, snap and bait

Ursula Lascelles comments on Slingsby and food


Pies and pastries

Apples important to Slingsby.  ‘Simpkin’ and applies at South Holme

Curative potions

Yorkshire Tea cakes

Plum Bread

Curd tarts


Any specific recipes for which particular people in Slingsby were famous?

Cakes for special occasions

Yorkshire pudding – competitions?

Bread.  Bakers



General Grocers

Travelling supplies


USEFUL WEBSITES – give us your ideas

Baines’s Directory of 1823: Transcript of the entry of “professions and trades” for SLINGSBY.


Bulmer’s Directory of 1890: Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for SLINGSBY


List of Yorkshire (among other) directories (searchable)

Probably the most useful one for us is: Kelly’s Directory of N & E Ridings of Yorkshire, 1913 [Part 1].  For the section on Slingsby, see pages 366 and 367.

See also, 1893 Kelly’s p 293 for similar info.

A bit of background about Trade Directories:


This would be worth investigating:


Slingsby baptisms, marriages and burials 1691 to 1887 (for marriages)

A website still under development, worth a look:


Certain Slingsby Parish records 1882-1937, and many other documents relating to Slingsby dating back to 17th century are held at County Record Office at Northallerton: https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/visiting-and-contacting-record-office

The National Archives


The Borthwick Institute in York holds Slingsby Parish records.