1st March 2011 – what happened then?

The Hunt in Slingsby | From the Wormald Collection

The Slingsby Village Website was launched on to the World Wide Web on 1st March 2011. As we approach our 10th anniversary, the website will be bringing you a series of posts over the coming days, with recollections of how we got the project off the ground, some key milestones in our development, and showcasing some of the many and various things that the website has brought to our community. It was our first Parish Plan of 2010 which set the ball rolling for us. Now we are part of the furniture. So much has happened in the intervening time.

We’ll share some photos from our large media library, like the one above.

We’ll also point you to some interesting posts from our earlier days. Here’s a light-hearted one from April 2012:

God for Harry, Slingsby and St George

Watch this space!