2014 Bonfire plans cancelled

Some news from the Slingsby Sportsfield Committee:-

A decision has been taken by the Committee that runs Slingsby Sportsfield that there will NOT be a bonfire and firework display in the field this year.

The Committee has a long history of organising the event every 5th November and considerable effort, planning and money have been put in every year, taking responsibility for organisation, safety and clearing up the inevitable mess afterwards.

It was traditionally funded by donations from residents who have taken the opportunity to have rubbish collected and burned, and by voluntary contributions made on the night at the gate. The event has been run on an informal basis without charging entry and without taking out specific insurance for the night.

Donations have, however, been dwindling on the gate in recent years and contributions for having rubbish collected have all but dried up making it financially unviable to continue.

Chairman Dave Calvert explained ‘It is regrettable that we have had to take this decision as we know many people, particularly youngsters, always enjoy the event. However the Sports Club’s main purpose is to provide and maintain the sports facilities. It would be wrong to continue to subsidise a one day event that the people who attend, many of whom come from outside the village, do not support financially. We cannot contemplate charging at the gate as that would make the event ‘official’ and require us to take out insurance for the night at a cost that is totally prohibitive. We hope that residents respect this decision and help us by NOT putting any bonfire material in the field and making other arrangements for its disposal.

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  1. Oh what a shame! As a new comer to the village, I was really looking forward to attending this with my son.
    What does it cost to organise and hold the event? Is there anything that we can do?

  2. What a shame the annual bonfire / firework display will no longer take place in Slingsby . For years many have enjoyed a fantastic display provided by a skilful number of individuals. May I take this opportunity to thank those individuals for the fantastic spectacle that was The Slingsby Bonfire. Thank You All . Rob Racenis. Brodinos

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