A Slingsby Festival of Light?

Following the wonderful way in which everyone contributed to window displays and lights across the village in December, we wondered whether anyone was up for digging out the fairy lights, or doing some drawings, arranging some flowers and/or generally bringing some light to daily walks around the village?

Traditionally, the beginning of February was celebrated by the Gaelic tradition, especially in Northern Ireland and Scotland, as ‘Imbolc’ – a festival half-way between the winter solstice and spring equinox. It heralded the beginning of Spring – with lighter mornings and longer evenings, birdsong resuming and signs of new life in the buds and green shoots appearing on trees and hedgerows. In the Christian tradition, the 2nd February is celebrated as ‘Candlemas’, commemorating the presentation of Jesus at the Temple. It has always been associated with the lighting of candles and once again, signs of green shoots, such as the snowdrops now appearing in the churchyard and gardens around the village.

Could we put together a ‘Festival of Light’ for Slingsby at the beginning of February? Perhaps from 1st to 15th February?

Why not dig out the Christmas Fairy lights again (it’s a tragedy they only get used once a year!), or draw some lovely snowdrops or other early Spring flowers, or light a candle in the window, to cheer everyone up as we go on our daily walks and get through another month of lockdown? 

Church and chapel have kindly signed up to do something ‘special’ – watch out especially on the 2nd February for candles in the churchyard. We hope this might also be a sign of comfort to those we have lost in the village this year, most recently of course dear Pat.

With hope that this sparks some enthusiasm for our wonderful sense of village community …. and hope for brighter days ahead.

Kates Giles, [email protected]

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