All Saints church visit to Bolsover Castle and Hardwick Hall Wed 10th July and Newcastle Thu 29th August

Dear Slingsby residents,
In the latest Triangle you should have received a booking form for some of our church activities as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund project. We have now finalised our date for visiting Bolsover Castle and Hardwick Hall on the 10th July and Newcastle on the 29th August. If you would like to attend either of these and have not yet returned your booking form, please email Kate Giles [email protected] no later than Friday 28th June. 
We have now purchased our Moth Trap and had one remarkably successful session trialling it despite the rain. Class 2 in Slingsby Community Primary School were astonished to see the variety of moths – and a May Bug – it caught. They will be helping us to keep a log over the Summer, doing some trapping themselves and hopefully share their findings with us via the Triangle. We’ll post the dates of upcoming evenings and mornings to check the trap via the website as the weather hopefully improves!
best wishes, Kate