A Busy Bank Holiday

A big crowd turned out for the Slingsby Mayday Celebrations

It was a busy bank holiday weekend in Slingsby with three events, the Scarecrow trail, car boot and Mayday celebrations, coming together to bring in the crowds. The weather wasn’t great… but it stayed dry.

The website was busy too, with the highest amount of traffic recorded since its launch in March 2011. The sheer amount of visitors smashed the previous record of 176 page views per day, twice over the weekend.

On Sunday and Monday, we had over well over 250 page views, with Monday taking the crown with a new record of 318 page views. Normally the website gets around 80-100 per day.

The Gazette and Herald posted a piece about the Maypole dancing on Tuesday, but the best post came from Becky, Tom and Holly who were visitors to the scarecrow trail. Their adventures on the trail were beautifully captured in Tom’s photo-story images, showing all the fun and magic of the Slingsby scarecrow trail.

Many thanks to them for coming to see the trail and for the great photos. You can read about and see their experience of the Slingsby scarecrow trail HERE

Speaking of photos… here’s a few from the Mayday celebrations. More on the way. All photos by Richard Flint.

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