A Flickr of Life: The Photo Archive

The Hunt in Slingsby - Date unknown | Photo by Alan Wormald

Those of you who may have read the webmaster report, or closely inspected the banner adverts, may have seen that the website team have launched a Flickr page dedicated to collecting photographs documenting the people, the villages, the landscape, and  life in general around the parish of  Slingsby, South Holme and Fryton.

The Slingsby Village Flickr page was launched in August after it was agreed that the Flickr service was the best place to create a photographic archive. Many organisations like the Imperial War Museum use the Flickr service to conveniently archive and present the photography for public viewing. The website team would like to do the same for our Parish. The aim is to build up the best collection of local photographs, new and old, colour or black and white, for everyone to enjoy.

Currently the Slingsby Village Flickr photostream has 77 photographs available to view, but we’d like many, many more. We have already started to add images from the recently digitised ‘Wormald Collection’ and other members of the community have also submitted photographs.  We are indebted to Rosemary Wormald for releasing many photographs, so that they could be digitised. This was arranged by the Local History Group. The images will be appearing over the coming weeks.

Many of the prints collected by Alan and Rosemary Wormald over the years were of course contributed by other residents. We feel sure there are plenty of you now who have interesting photographs to share with community. The more photographs the archive gets, the stronger it becomes. We are especially interested in good quality old photographs or negatives shot in the parish during  the Victorian era, the early 20th century, the World Wars and the post war period. Contemporary photography submissions are also welcome. However old or new the photograph is – we would like to add it to the archive.

If you’d like to contribute to the Slingsby, South Holme and Fryton Photography archive then you can send digitised images to:- [email protected] 

It would help enormously if you could follow these guidelines when emailing in your photos.

Please try to give us as much info as you can: the photographer (esp if not the sender), the subject and if possible the date of photo.

Each scanned photo submitted should preferably be less than 2 MB.

We will ensure an acknowledgment of the photographer appears. The copyright remains with the photographer.

Any queries you may have about submitting photographs can be sent to the email address given above.

To visit the Slingsby Village Flickr page go to www.flickr.com/photos/slingsby_village 

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  1. This is a great photo, both as a local record and as a composition. The photo of the hunt was taken at 1130 by the Church clock, but I wonder if anyone can tell us the year? If this is typical of what we can expect from the Wormald collection over the next few weeks, bring it on!

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