Free turf available at the Sports Club – URGENT

Thanks to the generosity of the Parish Council and the Sports Club we have been able to complete the fencing and the gate and to create and turf over a ramp connecting the two areas. Geoff Bishop has been an absolute stalwart and also very economical with the turf! This means we have quite a bit left over and we want to ensure this is used as soon as possible. We would like to invite anyone who needs turf to help themselves to it over the next couple of days before it dries out. The spare turf is on a pallet on the hard standing and has been watered regularly to keep it as damp as possible. 
If you would like to give us a donation towards the ongoing Play Area costs and resources, that would be very welcome but not necessary. Contributions can be given to Geoff Bishop (Church Cottage, Church Lane) or Kate Giles (1 Prospect Cottage, The Green).