Friends of Malton Museum Illustrated Lecture

17 October 2018

Joyce Hill

Professor Emeritus, University of Leeds

‘Albania; a secret land revealed’

View across the channel between Corfu and Albania

For most of the time since the Second World War, Albania has been a land apart: a secret land difficult to enter and almost impossible for its inhabitants to leave under the long dictatorship of Enver Hoxha. But it is now gradually opening up, showing its historical character at the cross-roads of east/west culture under the Ottomans, and the glories of its Classical and Byzantine past, when it was at the heart of Empire, the land through which ran the great highway – the Via Egnatia – linking Rome and Constantinople. The illustrated lecture will explore these many facets of this once-secret land: its striking scenery, the evidence of Enver Hoxha’s paranoia, and the richly varied cultural and archaeological inheritance.

The Library, Malton School, Middlecave Road, Malton, YO17 7NH    Time:    7.30

Admission: Friends FOC, Visitors, are very welcome, £3.00.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Author: Maczopikczu