Fryton Flood – Clear up continues

The flood which affected parts of Fryton on Thursday has now receded but the clear up continues for at least one unlucky householder.

The ground floor of Lesley Deighton’s house was flooded to several inches and had to be pumped out (see to right of photo above) and then the contents removed to the street.

We understand that during the summer, the environment agency cleared all the stream vegetation on the banks of Wath Beck. In Fryton, this was mainly on the village side, and so this seems to have caused the flood water to flood North Farm farmyard and the village . Prior to the agency’s work, the bulk of the flood water escaped on to the opposite banks and fields, away from the village.

Our thanks to Councillor Gawen Dickinson for providing information and photos.

Lesley’s daughter has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the extensive costs:

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  1. To add to your report on the Fryton flooding at Squirrel Cottage that joins Lesley’s house in Fryton we were also flooded on the whole ground floor to 6 inches deep in parts last Thursday morning. We are in the process of throwing out much of our furniture and other ruined contents at this moment. We have had to move out for the foreseeable future.

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