Fryton flood – more photos

Colin Douthwaite has kindly sent us some photos of the flood which hit his house in Fryton in the early hours of last Thursday. Like his neighbour Lesley, Colin’s house was completely flooded, with water up to 6 inches deep in the ground floor. Yesterday, he was still in the process of throwing out furniture and other ruined contents.

Colin says: “I looked out at 3am and saw all the water so went to all the neighbours adjacent (five of them) banging on doors to wake them up. No.1 priority was to wake Lesley up next door. When Fryton floods it doesn’t do it by halves but this is the worst we have seen in 24 years here.”

The Parish Council are looking into how to stop any recurrence of such flooding in the future.

Photos below: gates, front door and kitchen at Squirrel Cottage, and view from upstairs.

Looking N to beck beyond flooded farmyard