Future Plans for Ministry in Slingsby Church, Chapel and The Street Benefice and Methodist Circuit

A message from Kate Giles regarding updated proposals for a new Rector for Slingsby:

As many local residents will be aware, Slingsby church and the Street Benefice (which includes Amotherby & Appleton le Street parish, Barton le Street with Coneysthorpe and Hovingham & Scackleton) have been seeking to appoint a new Rector for some time – but without success. Much of this relates to the fact that we cannot afford a full or even part time clergy person and were only able to offer a ‘House for Duty’ (free Rectory) post. However, a new proposal has emerged from the Ryedale Methodist Circuit and Slingsby & Hovingham Chapels. The proposal is to pool our resources and see what we might be able to do together. A joint appointment between the Anglican and Methodist communities here would be something of a first for us, but there are precedents locally, for example the Rev. Mel Burnside at Helmsley. The proposal is for the Rector to be based in Slingsby – at least in the long term. We would still need to find further funds to resource this, but in order to develop the proposal further, we would like to offer anyone in the local community the opportunity to ask any questions they may have – about anything – from maintaining our distinctive liturgical and worship traditions as well as celebrating our ecumenical links to providing pastoral care. 

We are proposing to hold an open meeting this coming Wednesday 22nd at 6pm in the Chapel Schoolroom on The Green to which everyone is welcome. We will try to answer all of your questions as best as we are able and/or can refer any other queries to the Archdeacon Sam Rushton. 

If you have questions but cannot attend this Wednesday, please do send them to Ray Watson [email protected]  and/or Rachel Prest [email protected] and we will do our best to respond to and/or refer them onwards. 

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