Help a Neighbour Postcard

The government updated its advice today regarding the Coronavirus and are advising specific groups to minimise their social interaction. People in at-risk groups will be asked within days to stay home for 12 weeks.

The UK government’s chief medical adviser, Prof Chris Whitty said the group of people who should take “particular care to minimise their social contact” were:

  • People over the age of 70
  • Other adults who would normally be advised to have the flu vaccine (such as those with chronic diseases)
  • Pregnant women

“Those are the groups we want to take particular care to minimise their social contact which of course will have very significant risks for them.”

Some of you may have seen a recent BBC news story regarding a postcard helping people to look after their neighbours if they are self-isolating. Those who can offer help fill out their contact details and leave the cards with their neighbours

A PDF version of that postcard can be downloaded and printed out HERE