Housing Needs Survey

Two housing needs surveys are being conducted in the Ryedale parishes of Slingsby and Burythorpe to see if there is a need for affordable homes for local people.

Ryedale District Council’s Housing Manager Kim Robertshaw, recently highlighted the risk of small village schools closing if local families and young people do not have access to affordable homes in villages such as Slingsby. Although school numbers are falling across Ryedale at the moment, they are forecast to increase in the near future so it is important that village schools remain open. She said, ‘Villages face a slow death without local people – both young and old – being able to access affordable housing’.

Her comment comes as the National Housing Federation said families with young children are being priced out of villages and forced to move to bigger towns with cheaper housing.

When housing surveys are undertaken, it is vital that households – young and old – in housing need do respond by completing the questionnaires. Without this evidence of need, then affordable housing schemes, which could help keep open community services, cannot be developed.

If anyone in Slingsby or Burythorpe parishes are in housing need and want to remain in their own communities, they need to contact Colin Huby, the Ryedale Rural Housing Enabler at Ryedale House, Housing Services, Malton, YO17 7ZH to obtain a questionnaire. Telephone 01653 600666 ex 354 or email [email protected]