Hovingham Community Kitchen delivers for Slingsby

Since last week a new Community Kitchen in Hovingham has been delivering in our area. Currently 21 meals are being delivered once a week to homes in Slingsby.  The free service, supported by donations and by funding from NYCC, is intended for the elderly, the vulnerable and to some extent for families seriously impacted by the current pandemic situation.  The Worsley Arms are providing their kitchens to the Community Kitchen chef. We congratulate all those involved in the provision of this service.

Although the service is running at capacity, there may be scope for additional deliveries.

If you feel such support is needed, either for yourself or a loved one, please contact the coordinator Fiona Farnell by email [email protected]  or phone 07523 044447.

For further details, visit this Hovingham website page https://hovingham.org.uk/corona.php , and follow the link for Community Kitchen for Hovingham and Slingsby.