If you get a phone or email message like this!

Well Done! You took 4th place in our Tesco Christmas Draw on Dec 28th 2018. Please click on this link below to confirm it . . .

This information was sent to me by one of our ‘Cyber Volunteers’ outlining a common scam where a victim will receive a text message telling them they are either due a refund or have won a prize and then inviting them to click on a link which will then ask for your personal details. This particular message results in the victim unknowingly subscribing to a number of premium rate text services which can then be difficult to opt out of.
Please be aware, if a text or email asks you to click a link, proceed with caution. make sure you know who the message is from and if in doubt, delete it.

To see a list of previously sent messages please visit North Yorkshire Community Messaging.