Is democracy working?


A big question for a little village website, you might think.

The Government claims to give you a choice. You want to have proper information to make that choice. Both sides try to bombard you with so-called facts and you sometimes end up feeling none the wiser. Occasionally one side or the other comes out with something truly outrageous.

But we’re not talking about the EU referendum. We are talking about the fracking debate, the result of which could have an even greater and more visible effect on our communities here than whether we are IN or OUT.

The first major decision will be taken by North Yorkshire County Council at its meeting on Friday and ending Monday! (see Slingsby Village website’s earlier post on this for more details). In spite of the overwhelming local objections to Third Energy’s fracking application at Kirby Misperton, officers have recommended that the Council should approve it, and the Government will be right behind them. If you are not already planning to go to Northallerton to comment, query or protest, you may be too late to influence that decision.

But whatever happens in the coming days, whether it be firing the starting gun on fracking or nipping the industrialisation of Ryedale in the bud, it will be just the start of a process.

The debate will continue and you will want to know more.

The Slingsby Village website has been heard to refer to itself as an independent news-oriented website. We steer clear of politics, on the whole. So if we were to give you a link to Frack Free Ryedale’s website, we would need to do the same for Third Energy (see further below)

We prefer, therefore, to point you to an independent website run by journalists specialising in the oil and gas field:

We hope you find it will be worth a moment of your time.