John Hicks, Landlord of the Howard Arms Slingsby

john hicks - photograph

Gazing out at us from a century and a half ago is John Hicks, who was a farmer and the landlord of the Howard Arms, an inn in Slingsby situated on the top road (running between Malton and Hovingham). He died in 1866 at the age of 87.

Our thanks go to Robert Hicks, who sent the website this message, along with the two images here:

I live in Malton and I called in recently to the churchyard to view the gravestone of my Great Great Great Grandfather and I spoke to a very helpful young lady who was jogging past and she asked if she could help.

I had a brief chat and told her about my ancester who was landlord of The [Howard] Arms on the top main road.

She told me about the website and the interest in local history so I thought I would send a picture of this card. I also have a photograph of him which I will send to you…. This must have been quite early photograph technology.”

The Howard Arms was mentioned by the Reverend William Walker in his description of Slingsby in 1845.

The photo of John Hicks must be the oldest known photo of any resident of Slingsby. Or… perhaps you know better? If you have any interesting old photos you wish to share, please contact the website team at [email protected]

John Hicks - Card

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