Jonathan Pomroy Debuts Artist Residency Exhibition at the Yorkshire Arboretum

Birder and artist Jonathan Pomroy debuts his new exhibition at the Yorkshire Arboretum, based on his year-long residency. The exhibition will run for 4 weeks from 17th September to 18th October, and will display Jonathan’s distinctive watercolour interpretations of the arboretum’s native flora and fauna. Though he normally gravitates towards painting open landscapes, his residency saw him concentrate on more enclosed wooded areas. He became fascinated with tree trunks, and the movement of branch shadows across them and the ground below.

A keen birder, Jonathan sketched and observed the birds attracted to the arboretum throughout the year, showing the value of trees to such diverse species. Hawfinches appeared on the hornbeams in small numbers in October and he spent many hours studying these beautiful and massive finches. Another bird highlight was the appearance of redstarts in spring.

The artist hopes the exhibition will show the wonder, peace and joy he found in the arboretum grounds. Jonathan said: “I considered myself extremely fortunate to be there at a time when so many struggled through a very difficult winter; I found being around old trees – especially the medieval holly – very moving at a time of so much hardship. The arboretum has the power to inspire and calm the soul.”

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