Le Tour de Yorkshire and Slingsby


1, 2, 3, May 2015, on a road near Slingsby

Yellow bicycles are appearing once again at roadsides, which can mean only one thing – Le Tour de Yorkshire is coming soon.

The race takes place on the weekend of 1-3 May.

It will pass through many of the iconic places of North Yorkshire, including Scarborough, Whitby, York, and Slingsby, pardon? yes, we repeat Slingsby needs to be on your list of places to  check out for a stop or a stay over the weekend.

Close to Castle Howard, Slingsby lies just 12 miles from Pickering on Stage 1 and a mere 7 miles from Norton on Stage 2.

Slingsby’s celebrated Scarecrow weekend takes place over the weekend. Slingsby is one of the very few places still to have traditional dancing round the Maypole, and the Maypole celebration takes place this year on 4 May.

The Slingsby Village website carries everything you need to know about our locality.

For more on the race itself, visit http://letour.yorkshire.com