Local calls for fracking debate


Today’s Gazette and Herald reports on renewed calls for more information and a public debate on fracking in our area. Lindsay Burr (Ryedale Councillor for Malton and also North Yorkshire Councillor representing the South Holme area of the parish of Slingsby) is calling for a public meeting and more openness, following a recent Ryedale meeting which was closed to the public at short notice. The newspaper article also refers to a meeting in Slingsby Village Hall on Tuesday evening, where (following last month’s expert talk attended by some 100 people) a small number came together to express their concerns about the environmental and health risks of fracking, with a view to establishing a local anti-fracking group. Those present felt that if the true facts about fracking were disclosed, local people would be better placed to make up their own minds. They intended to raise the matter with the Parish Council.

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The full Gazette and Herald article can be read here: http://www.gazetteherald.co.uk/news/11596562.___We_need_a_public_debate_on_fracking___/


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