Mayday Mayday

In any normal year this morning would have seen bustling activity around the Green in Slingsby as months of planning come to fruition around the Maypole. But, of course, you’ll recall that last summer we heard that the May Bank holiday would be moved to Friday 8th May, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  So, had 2020 been a normal year, we would be looking forward to street parties, fancy dress and gatherings of all sorts across the country. But of course, this is very far from a normal year. Amid the isolation and sadness, there are still a few things to be celebrated.

On Friday, Slingsby folk venturing out cautiously may find that the Little Maypole has appeared on the Green. What else will Slingsby be doing to celebrate the VE Day anniversary? Decorating houses, picnicking in gardens, following the virtual scarecrow trail?

Keep watching the Slingsby Village website to find out more.

[Photo by Richard Flint. No apologies for showing again one our favourite photos of Maypole dancing in Slingsby, taken a good few years ago.]

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