Missing kitten FOUND!

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This kitten has now been FOUND.

Have you seen this kitten? We have received the following message from worried kitten-owner Jennie Smith. Please read it and help if you can.

I was wondering if you could ask everyone to be vigilant. Our tortoiseshell kitten has been missing since 7am Sunday 2nd February. She is about 8 months old and is very small for her age. She normally just wonders around our garden and sometimes covers a small area of the High Street and never is out more than 30 minutes at a time. She has also been micro chipped.
Please please could anyone give us any useful information if they have seen her, or know what has happened to her. We are all obviously very worried and upset
Thank you
Jennie Smith

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  2 comments for “Missing kitten FOUND!

  1. A big thank you for everyone’s efforts in finding Keira the wandering kitten. I am so very grateful for all who helped us search the village!! We have such a good community spirit in this village She has not stopped purring since her arrival back!!
    Thank you so much again.
    Jennie Smith and family.

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