Parish Council AGENDA – 28 January


To be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday January 28th 2014 at 7pm.

Your contact as always is Dinah Farley, Clerk to the Parish Council.

Email (which has recently changed): [email protected]

The AGENDA appears below.



1. Comments from members of the public.

To take comments from the public.

2. Apologies.

To receive apologies for absence.

3. Minutes.

To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 9th December 2013.

4. Code of Conduct.

To receive declarations as required by the new Code of Conduct.

5. Street lighting.

To receive updates on street lighting.

6. Highways issues.

i) To agree what will be done with the Footpath on the green.

iii) To fill in the forms applying for Speed cameras on the main Road.

7. Exchange of information and items for the next agenda.

Questions from councillors and officers ( for information only).

8. Reports.

For information only.

I) Chairman’s report.

ii) Clerks report.

i) Highways have cleaned out the drains in South Holme to prevent the road flooding.

ii) The request for a sign for Porch Farm Close has been sent to Ryedale District Council.

iii) There has been an increase in Neighbourhood Watch coordinators but others are still needed.

iv)Hutton Bros. Development land has the problem of paraffin contamination which is discouraging development.

9. Planning Results.

13/01002/FUL Replacement of Village Hall windows- Approved.

10. Village hall.

To consider the request from the Village Hall Committee to send a letter of support for a grant to replace the windows.

11. Winter weather agent’s scheme.

To consider the proposal by Rural Action Yorkshire which involves?

Setting up an emergency 4X4 rota to get residents to emergency medical appointments if the village is snowed in.

Establish a rota to check on vulnerable residents.

Single point of contact for emergencies manned by volunteers.

Purchase a defibrillator and train volunteers.

A small funding scheme is available.

12. Budget.

i) To accept the grant offered by Ryedale District Council to compensate for the precept shortfall (half for this year).

ii) To agree the budget and set the precept for 2013/14.

iii) To agree allocation of reserves and capital spend.


NB. The council will ask members of the public to leave during the next three items.

13. Applications for Clerks position.

To consider the applications for Clerk and set the date for interviews.

14, Parish Field Tenders.

To open tenders and agree tenancy for the next three years.

15. Grass cutting tenders.

To open tenders and award the contract for cutting the Green and Cemetery for 2014.

16. Finance.

i) To agree the bank reconciliation for December 31st 2013.

ii)To accept the budget update to 30 December 2013

ii) To agree payments and sign cheques.