Photo of the Month: July 2014


Gary the barn Owl at Swinton Park hotel (near Masham). Photo by David Thornley

A owl portrait this month with David Thornley sending in this beautiful photo of a barn owl. David says in his email:-

Taken at Swinton Park hotel (near Masham) where they have a bird of prey centre, this is Gary the barn owl. I’m pleased with the photo as it’s very crisp and clearly shows the owl’s heart-shaped flat face, which allows the owl to exactly pinpoint the sound made by the mouse or whatever he fancies for lunch, even in the dark. If you’ve ever tried to catch a mouse in daylight, you’ll appreciate how hard it must be to catch one at night!

Gary is certainly very impressive but unlike the classic tawny owl hoot, barn owls have several calls including a very creepy screech.

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