Photo of the Month: Victorian Slingsby

Looking along Railway Street. In the background is The Grapes Pub

Looking along Railway Street circa 1890. In the background is The Grapes Pub

Towards the end of August, the website team received a very interesting email concerning a collection of old glass negatives featuring Slingsby. The images were from the late Victorian and early Edwardian period,  were large and small glass negatives, and featured Slingsby street scenes and numerous portraits of possible  residents of the parish from that era. In all the collection came to over 120 images and were found at an auction in Saltburn.

Fortunately for the website, we had been contacted by Mr Bob Noble who had purchased the collection, managed to identify the street scenes as Slingsby and has kindly sent a DVD with high quality digital scans of this fragile negative collection. While the Victorian street scenes remain familiar to residents, the portraits contained with the photo collection are more of a mystery. Who are these people? What happened to them?

The website aims to try and find out. Over the coming weeks and  months, we will be adding these images to the Flickr feed with the hope that someone will be able put a name to a face. If you think you can help identify some of these people, keep an eye open for regular updates on the village Flickr feed.

Finally a massive thank you must go to Mr Noble for contacting the website about these images and sending us the DVD.

To see a larger version of the photo and check out the other street scenes, go to the new gallery page HERE

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