Picture Quiz Answers here!

Below are the answers to the picture quiz on the cover of Triangle Issue no. 11 (Aug/Sep 2011).

How did you get on in the 9 picture quiz?

Those nice Triangle people bet you don’t know every inch of the area.  But perhaps you recognise all 9 locations?

Anyhow, we hope you had fun doing the quiz, because there are no prizes on offer (we feel any extravagance would unsettle the markets…)

If you’ve done the quiz, read on – no cheating now!



Top row, L-R:

On the wall of Orchard Cottage, Railway St. Slingsby.

Waterpump outside Castle Cottage, The Green, Slingsby.

On top of the Maypole, Slingsby.


Centre row, L-R:

Mouse House, The Lawns, Slingsby.

Gate of Orchard House, Railway St., Slingsby.

Croft House, Malton Road, Slingsby.


Bottom row, L-R:

By the footpath at the old level crossing, Fryton.

Gatepost finial at Stretton Cottage, Malton Road, Slingsby.

Memorial plaque outside West Flatts Farm, High St., Slingsby.