Play Area Reopened – Welcome and Guidance

We have reopened the Play Area this week in accordance with Government guidelines and following a risk assessment and safety check. We have also completed the fencing and creation and turfing of a new ramp between the two areas of grass. Please observe the following guidelines [which also appear on a sign on the gate] and take care as we let the ramp and turf settle down over the coming weeks. 

Guidance for Families using the Play Area

This play area is regularly checked for health and safety, wear and tear but it is not disinfected or sanitised.

Families using the Play Area do so at their own risk and are asked to observe the following guidance:

1.  This is shared equipment. Please be considerate of others. 

2.  Encourage everyone in your family to practice good hygiene, washing hands before and after visiting the Play Area. 

3.  Bring your own hand sanitiser and use it regularly, before and after using the equipment.

4.  Encourage children NOT to touch their faces. 

5.  Observe social distancing as much as possible. Current guidance recommends at least 1m unless children are from the same household. Some equipment can only be used by one child at a time, so please be patient and observe social distancing if you have to wait. 

6.  If you are wearing masks or disposable PPE please dispose of your own litter. Do not leave litter behind. 

Kate Giles