Slingsby in 1980


This fascinating photograph of Slingsby was sent in by Geoff Brooks. Geoff says:-

‘Find attached a photo that was loaned to me by Tony Hodgson. He was given it recently by relatives of Nancy Stroughair. It is A3 size so I had to scan it and join two ‘halves’ but it has come out not bad.

I believe it is about 1980 as the wall around the field is in the process of being demolished and replaced with the fence. (There are other details of my house that suggests a similar date.)

Points to note.

  • Sportsfield – the old green and pink zinc pavilion is still there in the photo and the road across didn’t exist. The road and new clubhouse went up in 1988.
  • The Co-op was still open as the Co-op.
  • The majority of the area now developed as Sycamore Close was still a cornfield with a big tree in it. However, the then Council bungalows in the entrance to Sycamore Close had alrady been built (finished in 1977 I believe).
  • The Robin Hood Caravan Park had not been developed, and the house on site had not been built.
  • Aspen Way didn’t exist.
  • Perry’s Coaches operated from their yard.
  • The large houses adjoining George Carr’s had not been built.

Thanks to Tony for the loan of the photo.

Many thanks to Geoff for sending the photo and text into the website.

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  1. Just seen the old photo of Slingsby just a slight correction Nancy Stroughair hasn’t passed away , she is in a home in Scarborough !!!

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