Slingsby Jubilee – Final preparations

The final preparations are getting under way, and this is where the heavy lifting starts. Head down to the sports field today Thursday (after noon) and you may be able to help.

Other things to think about: Do you have any royal memorabilia (for Friday afternoon’s exhibition)? Will you be entering any sports events on Saturday? What about the competitions? Best Dressed House in the Parish / Jubilee Cake / Jubilee Art / Fancy Dress? All timings, including closing times for registration in events, are in the tri-fold leaflet that should have dropped through your letter box. Can’t find it, didn’t receive one? We’ll publish it here on the website later today.

Finally (for the moment at least) an important answer to one of our FAQ’s:

Yes, we may have said “All Activities are FREE” But, to be honest, drinking in the sports club bar does not really count as an activity in the meaning of the law! Thank you for your enquiry/interest!

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