Slingsby looks forward to celebrating Easter

All Saints Church and the Methodist Chapel, as part of the Easter celebrations, are planning to erect a cairn on The Green on 13/14 March for a month. Children and adults are invited to add painted or otherwise decorated pebbles or stones to the cairn. The stones can depict Easter, Spring; thanks for the NHS; in memory of loved ones and those who have died. Anything to help celebrate the coming of Easter and Spring.
A supply of free suitable paint and brushes for the stones/pebbles will be available from Rachel Carmichael at the Methodist Chapel schoolroom from 10 until 12 noon on Saturday 13 March.
We hope the villagers will support this as an act of love and friendship for our village to hopefully celebrate the beginning of the end to this awful pandemic.
For further information please contact:
Chrysa Apps 628128 or Geoff Bishop 628055