Slingsby Sportsfield – Proposed development

Photo by Richard Flint

Last weekend large numbers of people from across the parish were out enjoying the Jubilee celebrations on the sportsfield. So much so perhaps, that some may have temporarily forgotten that the sportsfield as we know it may be changed forever by housing in the next five years or so.

Castle Howard told us at the Parish Assembly on 23 May that its plans were relatively well developed for this site-submission stage of the Ryedale Plan process. It became clear at the Assembly that the Castle Howard planners had ignored (or alternatively, to be fair, were ignorant of) Slingsby’s Village Design Statement, which has already been adopted by Ryedale District Council as a supplementary planning document. Among other things, the Village Design Statement seeks to protect particular local views which are highly valued by residents. Three of these would be adversely impacted by the proposal.

Concerns were also expressed about damage to a key heritage asset (the Castle), infrastructure, schooling, safety and much more.

Our Councillors at Ryedale are keen to represent the views of the community, as they begin serious consideration of all sites submitted (in Slingsby, there are 4 in all, the sportsfield site and the 3 sites to the south of the main road).

So, if you wish to comment, now is the time to do it. You can simply comment to Ryedale District Council by emailing [email protected]. For more on the process and guidance on how to submit a comment, see our post of 25 May 2022: Simple Guide to the Consultation Process

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