Slingsby Village Website launched 10 years ago today – what next?

Slingsby Village Website Launch 1st March 2011

At precisely 11am on the morning of 1st March 2011, we pressed the button which released the new village website publicly on to the World Wide Web.

A few minutes later the team photograph above was taken, showing L to R, Keith Buck (Triangle Editor), George Dudzinski (Dep Website Editor), Richard Flint (Webmaster) and Jon Boots (Website Editor).

If we look a bit serious and drained, it’s because, after many winter weeks of concentrated work to get everything ready, we were still unsure about how the website would be received and what new difficulties might be thrown up.

There was a great team spirit during those first months. We hope to build a new website team in the coming year to revive this sense of enjoyment and reinvigorate the 10-year-old project.

I’m grateful to the various members of the website team I’ve worked with since 2011. Over time they have moved away or found other projects to occupy them. I’m now the only website editor and as such I’d like to familiarise a couple of people at least with what is involved, while I have the time and energy. I am fortunate that Richard still provides all the technical support, even though he moved to County Durham several years ago. The editing job is easy and requires only a basic knowledge of using the internet.  Please get in touch if you think you can help.   

The village website played an important role during lockdown, e.g in getting out early information about support groups and local suppliers. As society opens up again, there will be more to report, just as I will have much less time to report it.

What will the future bring? We are all hoping for renewed freedom to visit friends and family, go to the cinema or theatre, get to a music festival perhaps, and much more. And we do need a new website team for our 2nd decade.

We’d love to get some new team members right now in 2021. If you want to help, or you just have some ideas please let me know at [email protected]

Many thanks

Jon Boots

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  1. Jenny and Robert Fuller from Perth, Western Australia have been following the Slingsby Village Website since its inception and we eagerly await the “Triangle” arriving by email every two months, initially via Keith Buck, who has since moved from the Slingsby Village – and then by others who have done a wonderful job. Congratulations to all who made this Website possible and to all those who are maintaining this wonderful Website today.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Jenny and Robert. You are so far away now but you are among our closest supporters and feel like part of the website/Triangle family. Encouragement like this is partly what keeps us going. Best wishes Jon

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