Slingsby during the War


Back in December,  the first local history recording session, focussing on Slingsby during World War Two, took place at The Grapes Inn.

Last night, an edited version was ‘premièred’ at the Local History meeting and now you can have a listen to the recording too.

We’ve only scratched the surface regarding what was going on in Slingsby between 1939 and 1945. More recordings are being planned about the Slingsby’s War and other topics.

If you know of anyone who would like to listen to the recording but doesn’t have access to the internet, we would actively encourage people to download the audio mp3 file and burn it onto a CD.

There is a bit of background noise at the start of the conversation as teas/coffees are delivered but it quickly quietens down.

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  1. Hi Richard . Thanks for your response and interest. I will speak to Amy (mother inlaw ) and will get back to you asap. Rob

  2. Hi Rob, well i see no reason why we couldn’t record her at some point, especially if she has historical memories of Slingsby and the surrounding area. I like keeping options open.

    We are developing one-to-one recordings and a simpler, more portable recording system option. If she would be interested then we could get a recording done in the village or lend you a recorder to get it at Barton le Street.


  3. What a shame this local history group only involves Slingsby, Fryton and Southolme. My mother inlaw lives in Barton le Street . Has done all her life .80+years. She has a vast historical memory of the local area ,including Slingsby and its people . Rob . Railway Street

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