Slingsby website’s 5th birthday. Did you miss it?

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To be fair, we on the website team nearly did! 1 March 2016 marked our 5th anniversary.

It was on 1st March 2011 at 11 am precisely that the Slingsby Village website was launched upon an unsuspecting world. Since then the webmaster and a crack team of amateurs have been serving the news to Slingsby, Fryton and South Holme, and way beyond.

Here’s a few of the things that have happened in that time:

  • 743 news and events posts have been published in support of local groups
  • 65 pages of background information have been kept up to date
  • 192,344 page views have been recorded (including 870 on a single day in May)
  • Facebook and Twitter have helped broaden our reach
  • Friends across the globe (from Perth, Western Australia to Peru) have been able to keep in touch with Slingsby and area
  • Over 20 local clubs and societies have been publicized
  • Regular monthly features such as Geoff’s walks and the Photo of the Month have proved popular
  • Class-rooms of Norwegian schoolchildren have found us by googling the Battle of Stamford Bridge (mentioned in the website’s History of the Parish)
  • A complete and thorough picture of Slingsby, Fryton and South Holme has been developed, in all its rich variety.

We could go on – and perhaps we will – watch this space!

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