Summer Workshops at Malton Museum 2014


Malton museum has a number of talks and workshops taking place over July and August :-

  • July 17th Andy Woods, Numismatist from Yorkshire Museum Trust “Emperors, Gods and Hoards” An introduction to Roman coinage. £15 per person, includes lunch.
  • July 19th Dr Rick Jones from Leeds University will give a guided walk around the Roman fort site at Orchard Fields. Adults £5

Workshops for ALL- linked to the Terrific Trades Exhibition in the Subscription Rooms, Yorkersgate, Malton. To run between 10.30am and 4pm.. Entry is free, but children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Thursday July 31st Lynn Murrell Malton Sewing Bee

“The farmer’s in his den” – creating in fabric and thread. The workshop will look at farming in Ryedale for inspirations, and is suitable for children aged 8 upwards.

  •  Thursday August 7th Alison Williams

“Burning the midnight oil” – a pottery workshop looking at how people have created ways to light their workspace. Come and make your own Roman style clay oil lamp.

  • Thursday August 14th Sarah Maultby & Michelle Petyt

“Making it fizz!” A practical look at the history of making sparkling soft drinks in Malton. Have a go too!

  • Friday August 22nd Keith Matthews

“Shield walls and how to get round them!” Be a Roman soldier for a day. Join the Norman soldiers from France. Learn battle tactics and have a go at making chain mail.

  • Friday August 29th Rachel Matthews

“Twisting Threads” creating decorative and usefulm braids, cords and plaits from medieval times. A hands on day.

More information for all of these events can be found at or phone 01653 697845

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