SWaNG AGM – minutes now online

The second Annual General Meeting of the Slingsby Website and Newsletter Group was held on 22 November 2012. The meeting was successful and the Group thanks those who attended.  The minutes of the AGM can be found below, with reports and accounts available to download by clicking on the links which follow.



held on Thursday 22nd November 2012 at 7pm

in the Grapes


  1. Present: Jon Boots, Carol Buck, Keith Buck, George Dudzinski, Richard Flint, David Thornley (Committee members), and two members of the public.
  2. Welcome and introduction: Jon Boots (acting Chairman) welcomed guests to this, the second AGM of the Group, and introduced the members of the Management Committee.
  3. Apologies were received from Rachel Underwood and Geoff Brooks.
  4. Chairman’s report: Jon Boots, acting as Chairman, gave an overview of a successful year for the group and touched on the desirability of wider community engagement with the website. The report was accepted by those present and is attached at Annex A.
  5. Treasurer’s report: Carol Buck presented the accounts for the Group’s financial year (1 Nov 2011 to 31 Oct 2012). They had been audited and signed by a retired accountant and tax inspector who is independent of the Group. The accounts are attached at Annex B.
  6. Newsletter editor’s report: The Newsletter editor’s report was presented by Keith Buck and accepted by those present. It is attached at Annex C.
  7. Webmaster’s report: Richard Flint reported on the improving architecture of the website and its associated facilities, including a number of technical and security enhancements. His report was accepted by those present and is attached at Annex D.
  8. Approval of officers: As no other nominations were received, the committee was reconfirmed en bloc, as follows:

Chairman: George Dudzinski

Treasurer: Carol Buck.

Newsletter editor: Keith Buck

Webmaster: Richard Flint

Secretary: Jon Boots

Member: David Thornley

  1. Open discussion: There was a general discussion about the website and newsletter, drawing on experience from other local communities. There was particular focus on the need for wider engagement with the website. It was noted that the Parish Council and local businesses clearly need more encouragement to use the website effectively.

Jon Boots, Secretary 28 November 2012

ANNEX A: AGM 2012 Chairman’s report 22 Nov 2012

ANNEX B: AGM 2012 Accounts

ANNEX C: AGM 2012 Editors Report 15 Nov 2012

ANNEX D: AGM 2012 webmaster_AGM_report_10112012

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  1. Very many thanks to all those who run and service the website. Your efforts are much appreciated by those of us who do use it and are continually urging others to do so. Slingsby is extmrely lucky to have it. I think it may be a long task to get the website embedded, but not for any fault of its own. Computer usage is still patchy, particualry among those who are most interested in Village events. May I suggest that the Triangle should always carry a ‘website review’, perhaps with a different invited reviewer each issue. The magazine sections of the national newspapers used to do this sort of thing in the early days of the net. Somethign like this would give an idea, and hopefully some detail, about what extra delights are avialable on the website, which will make the enthusiastic Triangle readers begin to be aware of what they are missing. Age need not be a bar to computer usage; witness the 86 year old from Gateshead who beat a path to my front door a month or so back having ‘taken up computers’he said only last year and discovered the Slingsby website and the local history group. I am happy to kick this off if you want.
    Best. Margaret

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