The Big Slingsby Bird Watch – Slingsby Local History Group

A message from Slingsby Local History Group:-

Did you take part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird watch this year, or can you tell us about birds and  mammals which regularly visit your garden or that that you have seen this year around the village?

If so, please can you make a list and let us know what you have seen, or let us have your RSPB list so we can compile an up to date record of birds and  mammals that are seen in our gardens or elsewhere around the village on footpaths and in fields.

As part of our current project ‘Entertaining Slingsby’ we hope to update records which started well before the First World War.

The lists were most recently properly updated by the late Dr Michael Thompson in the Millennium History of Slingsby. Michael also kept us regularly updated in the Street Parishes Newsletter with bird and other wildlife sightings.

Fifteen years on from the Millennium History we want to know if we still have as great a variety of wild creatures around the village, and to see if there are newcomers.

We know from website postings last year that the barn owl population in the village had a particularly good year. What of other types of owl for example?

If you live in Slingsby, South Holme or Fryton and can help with this information please can you e-mail your list to the Group before the 29th March?

mailto:[email protected]