The Great Gatsby at Castle Howard – Review

It’s not often you receive an invite to one of Jay Gatsby’s parties, so, when you get one, well, you don’t hesitate. We were greeted on the grand south steps by Rosie, a friend of Jay’s, and went into the house for a drink. Just as we were starting to relax and chat to some of the other guests, the action started up among us and we were drawn into it. The scene was set, then we were swept into the ballroom (Castle Howard’s Great Hall).
This is an immersive production presented by the Guild of Misrule, a group of talented young actors, dancers and singers.
We got to know a variety of interesting characters, fun-loving but all with their own particular flaws.
Among a strong cast, Amy Burns Walker stood out as Daisy Buchanan.
While staying in character, cast members taught us how to do the Charleston. From time to time we sang round a piano. We moved to various locations in the house in smaller groups for different aspects of the story. Sometimes individuals or small groups were discreetly asked to play a role.
On Wednesday’s first night, audience members arrived dressed in 20s style to complement the performance. Comfortable dancing shoes recommended!
The show continues until Sunday (Saturday has sold out). More information and how to book here:

Jon Boots