Triangle Crossword puzzle prize winners

The winners of the crossword competition which appeared in the February Triangle can now be revealed.

Carolyn Boots drew the winning entries on Tuesday 19th February at the Local History Meeting (in the presence of independent observers).

The winner was Les Hodgson of Sherburn (one of a growing number of out-of-area readers of the popular local rag).

The runners up were: Marjorie Piercy, The Green Crescent and Pat Thompson, Railway Street.

Les receives a Castle Howard Annual Pass (organized by the website team’s Rachel Underwood).

Now, of course, the website team is not at all biased, but it would be nice for a resident of this parish to win first prize next time. Your next opportunity to win a valuable prize will be dropping through subscribers’ letterboxes at the start of April.

By the way, the deadline for submitting copy for that issue of Triangle is Monday 25th March.

Good luck!

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