Update on Tennis in Slingsby.

In line with the updated recommendation regarding the use of tennis courts we have amended the guidance as detailed below.

With effect from 1 June, 2020 the Government has agreed to the easing the lockdown rules for tennis so that, with strict guidance (listed on attached document), singles and doubles are now allowed with any household.

It is very important that these Guidelines are observed. Please report any breaking of the rules as flouting of the instructions could lead to closure of the courts. The Corona Virus pandemic remains a very serious situation.

Thank you.

Paul Hogarth, Chairman, Sports and Social Club and
Geoff Bishop – 01653 628055”



Leave none of your possessions on court.

Please use the tennis court responsibly and with respect for others.
If other people are wishing to use the courts please restrict your use to 1 hour.
Thank you for your support and co-operation and please stay safe.

If you wish to download this document to print off, please do so here:-