Village Design Statement Adopted by RDC


The Village Design Statement for Slingsby, South Holme and Fryton was adopted by Ryedale District Council as a Supplementary Planning Document on 1 September.  It now forms part of the legal planning framework and will be used by the Council when determining planning applications.

The VDS is a document prepared by a small group of residents following local consultation and provides guidance for people wishing to alter or extend their properties and for developers wanting to build new houses here.  It is an attractive document with lots of photographs of buildings and design features.  It can be viewed on the Ryedale District Council website by following this link: Village Design Statement.

The list of documents found via this link also includes supporting documents, covering consultation, adoption and context.

READ ON for a brief description of the VDS and why you should read it:

The Village Design Statement is divided into themes. It provides historical content, and the settlement’s evolution to present day. The document:

  • Considers the setting of the village in the countryside, including important views in and around the settlement;
  • Describes and defines the layout of the village and areas of differing character;
  • Provides details of the houses which create the special character of the village;
  • Describes views, setting and features through maps and photos;
  • Discusses features such as materials, roofs, utility fixtures and fittings, windows, doors, outbuildings (barns and sheds), property boundaries and gates;
  • Identifies landscape features and important trees, and wildlife and habitats; and
  • Most importantly, it provides guidelines for future development and property alterations.

In summary, it seeks to achieve the following:

  • Identify features which should be protected/preserved;
  • Identify changes which could be harmful to the village’s character; and
  • Help to guide new developments and alterations to existing buildings.

The aim is provide a locally-specific context to considering how new development and alterations can contribute to ensuring that Slingsby remains the attractive and valued village it is today, and that in Fryton and South Holme any new development is sensitive to its surroundings.


The Slingsby Village Website would like to thank the VDS team for the huge amount of effort which they have put into this carefully considered and balanced document, which will play a part in protecting our village from unsuitable development.

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