Voices from the First World War

Kitchener-Britons Next weekend sees the Wartime Slingsby exhibition take place and everyday, over the next week, the Slingsby Village website will be publishing a war related post to set the mood and provide an overview of the two World Wars.

We start with the Imperial War museums excellent podcast ‘Voices of the First World War’ which is a collection of audio recordings made with World War One veterans where they detail their memories and experiences.

There are 41 podcasts in the collection, each one lasting around twenty minutes or so, detailing aspects of the war from joining up through to the daily routines of trench life, the war in the air, Zeppelin raids, women’s war services and more.

Find out why your tea, brewed in the trenches, often tasted of petrol and why you should never bayonet a trench rat.

The Imperial War Museums ‘Voices of the First World War’ podcast collection can be listened to at 

For more details about the Wartime Slingsby Exhibition taking place on April 26th CLICK HERE

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